Suzana & Matt

Suzana & Matt

” I love your photos so much !! “

These were the first words Suzana wrote to me. Things were off to a great start 🙂 It’s true flattery will get you everywhere. But something just felt right when Suzana and Matt contacted me to be their Paris elopement photographer. Firstly, the hat she was wearing in her profile picture was cool. Secondly, she asked if I thought it would look good if she wore it for their elopement photos… YES!


Suzana had some great ideas and a clear view on how she wanted their elopement photos to look. A boho inspired photojournalistic style. This came in handy on the photo session. We were able to refer back to the ideas sheet for couple poses or locations.


Investing time and planning beforehand can really change the success of a shoot. She had sent me several photos of places she liked around Paris. I was able to use this to advise on what would be possible within the timescale of their photo session. We came up with Montmartre, Pont Bir-Hakeim and the Arc de Triomphe. As it happens we threw in a special little café along the way which is perfectly placed near the Eiffel Tower. These turned out to be some of my favorites.


Congratulations Suzana and Matt!


Suzana & Matt Paris Elopement Elope in Paris