Wedding Procession

Tips & advice: What makes a good wedding procession?


There are many traditions to a wedding procession. Though before I get started, if you are looking for advice on the wedding processional order, you will find a great article on Bridal Guide – Who Walks When.

But this isn’t about that. Here you’ll find tips on how to make a killer entrance with a fantastic ambiance which results in great wedding photography.


Cue the Music:

Regardless to whether you’re having a traditional church wedding or a free spirited boho ceremony in the woods, music is a must. I know, you can’t see music in a photo, but it does set the mood. Music creates anticipation and lets your guests know the wedding procession is about to start.


Smart Thinking:

It’s a smart idea to ask your guests to put their smart phones away. This also goes for cameras and certainly tablets. There is nothing worst than the big white screen of a tablet ruining your wedding photos. Your wedding photographer should be well positioned to get the best photo. Guests leaning in from the side to get their souvenirs aren’t going to get a better shot; it just looks messy. With people off their phones, you will also get a better ambiance. They will be more engaged with you. Their hands will be free for applauds. You will see their faces. So, as soon as the music starts, phones and cameras away.



This one is linked to the above. Make sure everyone stays put. And this one goes for the professionals too. I’ve been at weddings where guests come running in late behind the bride, or standing behind taking photos. Or worse, a cameraman walking backwards filming in front of the bride as she makes her entrance! Needless to say this spoils the moment for everyone.


Lights camera action:

Often the wedding procession doesn’t last very long and a sudden change in lighting can be a problem. This applies mainly for church ceremonies but can also affect outdoor weddings too. Keep the church doors open until the procession is over. For your outdoor ceremony choose a location where the lighting is consistent – backlit or full-facing is the best.


Need for Speed:

As I said above, often a wedding procession doesn’t last very long. Take your time and embrace the big moment you have been waiting for. On the other side, if you want to make a running entrance remember to let your photographer know so they are expecting it!


Time and Space:

Leave enough space/timing between entrances, if it’s important for you to have each member photographed individually. Do a dry run before to see how long it takes to walk from A to B. You may not be able to get a full length bridal dress photo if there’s still people walking down the aisle.


Good Fit:

Chances are this will be your first time wearing a wedding dress. Practice walking in your dress. Remember you may have your hands tied holding somebodies arm and your bouquet. Can you walk in your dress without holding up the front? Also, some dress styles can be wide. Is the aisle wide enough for both your dress and the person you are walking with?



Brides often asked me a last minute panic question… “Which side do I stand?” My reply, “The closest to their heart!” I find this is an easy way of remembering the bride stands to the left of their father or treasured person.


I hope these little tips helps. Keep a look out for further tips on my Instagram/Facebook posts or on my website.


December 7, 2018



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