Jessica & Andy

Jessica & Andy

Paris may be the city of love but in the French Riviera, love is all around. The only problem being, where’s the best place to elope? With so many stunning places along the Côte d’Azur, finding that perfect spot for the perfect moment can’t be easy, non?

When Jessica and Andy came to me with their list of ideas, not one place sprung to mind, though in fact several did! So I suggest the free spirited idea of a ‘road trip elopement‘. And incidentally, I would recommend the coastal drive from Nice to Menton to everyone – in a convertible of cause!

Roof down, we left the bustle of Nice and snaked our way along the coastline towards Italy. First stop, the hilltop village of Èze. Strolling the medieval streets up to the top may leave you a little short of breath, but it’s well worth it. What a view! In the serenity we shot a few relaxed portraits before hitting the road.

Overlooking the Mediterranean, they exchanged their vows under an olive tree. I sat back – it was a moment for two. Then the sun came down with 30 seconds magical light. They kissed and the road took us to Menton. Over pastel colours the night fell…  …in the perfect location.

Congratulations Jessica and Andy!