Leigh & Rob

Leigh & Rob

This is a story of an elopement in Paris. Leigh and Rob’s story. Their town of San Diego was a not on their list of perfect spots. However, the romance of Paris was rather compelling, so much so they came here to elope. I was lucky enough that they called upon my services to capture the moment.

For Leigh and Rob, exchanging their vows beneath a magnolia tree with the looming Eiffel Tower as their witness was a dream come true. I know, I was there! And let me just tell you it was magic. These cool lovers warmed a chilly Paris with their smiles. They switched the bustling Champ d’Elise to a standstill. Turned a modern metro to a timeless film. Graced those dreamy streets of Montmartre with their love. They eloped in Paris.

Congratulations Leigh and Rob!






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