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Your Paris photographer and the path to amazing photos


You are coming to Paris! You must be very excited and not only because you are coming to the City of Light. If you are looking for a Paris photographer, then this must be a special occasion! So finding THE Paris photographer for you is an important task. Right? I understand this, so rather than talking about my photography, I’ve put together a few tips that you might find helpful.


So continue reading the guide to finding YOUR Paris Photographer and the path to amazing photos (and I’ll just hope my photography speaks for itself).

Sunrise Engagement Trocadero Paris
Sunrise Engagement photo session at Trocadero, Paris

What’s your story?


Whoever you choose as your Paris photographer, you are going to want to connect with them. If you think about it, you’ll be giving them a huge responsibility to capture a key moment in your life. Whether you’re planning a surprise proposal or the wedding itself, your photographer will become a memory and part of that occasion. How you feel around them is a key part to successful photos.



From the first contact (email, phone…) make it personal. Tell them your story, your plans, your wishes and the response you get will tell you something about them. You will see if they are interested in you and your desires. Are they passionate about their job or is it all about the money?

Simply asking for their availability and prices will not open the door to conversation. Personally I love it when clients tell me their stories – and no, it’s not to be nosy. Sometimes it gives me great ideas on how to make their photos even more personal for them. If the personality clicks, you’re off to a good start!


You can learn more about me and my story here.

Pre Wedding Photo Session Paris
Pre wedding photo session - typical Parisian street

Style vs Smile!


There are many styles of photography out there though I will boldly say these come down to only two types.


The posed photo: What I ‘m talking about here are those “Are you ready? Now smile…” images. Which are great to have but not everyone can produce a natural smile on command. I  have worked with a lot of couples that have never been photographed before and are not at ease or feel confident posing behind the camera.


The natural photo: You are unique. It’s not only your appearance but also your personality that makes you YOU. Some people are outgoing while others are shy. A talented Paris photographer should be able to adapt and capture who you naturally are. A truly great photo shows real emotion.



Look past the style of the photo and look at the people. Do they look natural? Did the photographer capture their personality? Are they all the same types of people on that Paris photographer’s website, or are there a variety of personalities shown?

surprise proposal
A surprise proposal photo shoot in Paris - She said YES!

Parlez-vous anglais?


If you don’t speak French, you’ll be relieved to hear “yes” to the above question. Google does a great job at translating website text but not so good in face-to-face conversation. You don’t want anything lost in translation before or during a photo session. And things could become tricky if English isn’t your native language either.



Ask to set up a video call with your potential Paris photographer. You’ll be able to talk through your ideas and determine any communication problems.


Feel free to contact me here if you fancy a video chat.

Paris engagement photo session
Engagement photo shoot - Eiffel Tower

Exceptional occasion


Now let’s state the obvious, no matter the occasion, you’d want it captured with amazing photography. It’s likely you’re coming to Paris for an occasion little less than exceptional. So why settle for anything less than an exceptional photographer? Imagine you’re planning a surprise proposal and you want to capture your partners reaction, but without them knowing they are being photographed. Do you want the photographer who’s great at posed portraits, or the one who excels in capturing natural moments?



Be sure to hire someone who capable of photographing your occasion. If you are not sure, contact them and ask them for examples of similar jobs.

“The photos are beautiful!!

We have had photos taken before by good photographers who captured emotions well, and had good composition – but I have to tell you, your photos not only have those qualities but are pieces of art in themselves! You are a great artist with fantastic work! Thank you so much – you have made our five year anniversary trip to Paris memorable and timeless!

Thank you so much again! ~ Purva & Parag – Texas, USA”

Elopement in Paris
Elopement photography - Montmartre, Paris

Trust me, I’m a Paris photographer!


Simply put, can you trust them? The above should give you a good starting point and hopefully some insider tips on what to look for when choosing your Paris photographer. But when all is said and done, if it feels right, you will know!



Listen to your instinct.

Eiffel Tower Engagement

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