Choosing your wedding photographer


Hello. If you have just landed on my website, let me to get you up to speed, I am a wedding photographer. And with any luck, you are expecting to see some photos of real weddings that I have photographed. Because if you scroll down, that is what you will see here.


So, if you are still reading you must be in the right place and we are off to a good start. But I guess you’re asking now, am I the right wedding photographer for you?

I would love to think that I am the perfect photographer for every couple getting married, but that would be impossible. The fact is, not everyone is a match. And to make things worse, with so many photographers out there now, finding the right one can be a tough game.


So, because I’m a nice guy, here are a few tips that may just help you on your search:


1) Is photography an important item on your wedding list?

I’ve read a lot of wedding planning guides out there. One of the tips I’ve always liked is, make a list (in order of importance) of the things you want at your wedding. When you need to make compromises (for example due to a budget), you can clearly see your priorities.


2) Do you love their photography?

If photography is near the top of your list, you really should have fallen in love with the photographer’s work. Scroll down to take a look at mine ⬇️


3) Do your personalities match?

This may sound odd but it really is quite important. You’ll be spending a large part of your wedding day with your photographer. Wouldn’t it be great if they felt like an old friend but one who was really good at taking photos too! Learn more about me in a cool video here.


4) Will they travel to your venue?

No point in looking if they are not willing to travel. Being resident in France most of the weddings I shoot are here but I’m happy travel all over the world. I’ve even been as far as the States (that was cool).


5) Can you afford them?

This is the obvious one. But just bear in mind the above when comparing. If the photographer is hitting five stars on all the above, are they worth that little extra cash.


6) Are they available?

There is only one way to find out! Get in touch here

real weddings
Do you want to see some real weddings that I have photographed? If you answered YES I’m really happy you found this page. That means you are in the right place and you should now scroll down.
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