Natasha & Jason

Natasha & Jason

Just a stones throw from the famous Mont St Michel, the Chateau du Bois-Guy sits on the edge of Brittany‘s boarder with Normandy. You approach the venue via a bendy lane, later lined with trees to reveal the stone Chateau perfectly framed to measure. For me, this was the spot for the later photo session and a good start to a wonderful wedding.

I met Natasha and Jason in Paris almost a year to date and was happy to see their friendly smiles again. Now, this is a gorgeous couple… and lets just get things straight, it’s not just because they are… gorgeous! Natasha and Jason are made for each other. I saw the way they looked at one another during their lovely outdoor ceremony. I saw it during the cocktail hour. I saw it during their photo session. I saw that sparkle as they stood in the doorway under candlelight. I saw true love at their wedding.

Their love aside, this was also a celebration of friends and family reunited. Most of which having hopped half way around the world from Australia, the laughter and joy was all around. Notably, four girls getting ready together talking about you know what, made for great photo opportunities. All this together enabled me to get, as I described to Jason on the day as, THE MONEY SHOT, over and over again. Thanks 🙂

Congratulations Natasha and Jason, you guys are awesome!!

If you are interested in having your wedding at the Chateau du Bois-Guy you can visit their website here.