Maria & Jason

Maria & Jason

When Maria & Jason came to France for their Paris engagement photo session I think we were all hoping for sunshine. You know, some of that magic light. We even picked one of the best times of day for the session, sunrise. As fate happens, we found ourselves standing in the wind at Trocadero under a rather grey sky. But this was February and Paris is located in Europe, lets not forget.

Anyhow, Maria & Jason were not fazed, nor was I. In fact, this moody weather added a drama, or somewhat cinematic emotion to the shoot. We went with that feeling. I wanted to retain that atmosphere throughout the shoot. So I tried to create this motion picture I had in my mind. To keep a momentum I shot a lot while running backwards. This keep us warm too. The shoot was actual very physical.

Maria & Jason were a great couple to work with. They really got into the whole thing. The mood. The movement. This photo session was a lot of fun. They actually had troubles trying to look so serious. You see, you don’t need blazing sunshine to take great photos, just light.

Thank you Maria & Jason for being awesome!




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