Magali & Loris

Wedding photo of the day



During the cocktail hour we had set aside a moment to take some family portraits. Just after taking a photo with Loris’ grandparents we were waiting for the next group to arrive. At this point Loris gave his grandmother a loving ‘thank you’ kiss. The joy on her face was pure magic.



Despite having taken this photo back in 2008 it has remained one of my all time favorites. Similar to a recent post I made on social media, for me, this photo is all about what sentiments it brings after the initial ‘wedding photo’. At the time of shooting I knew this photo would be special. If I asked Magali & Loris what this photo means to them now, I am sure it is much more than a photo from their wedding. In fact, I spoke with Magali & Loris at their friends wedding – in 2012 if I remember correctly. I learnt of the said news that Loris’ grandmother had since passed away. The photo’s sentimental value multiplied tenfold. Suddenly it became a treasured heirloom.

Being able to give people such treasures is why I love my job. Wedding photography isn’t just about taking photos of a special day. It’s about capturing moments of your  dearest people for you and future generations to treasure.


June 4, 2018



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