Outdoor weddings

Tips & advice – for outdoor weddings


Personally I love it when a couple says they wish to hold an outdoor ceremony. So here is one little tip from a photographers point of view.


Now lets assume its a sunny day (its hard to hold a outdoor ceremony if its raining and you should have your plan B in place). What time of day are you planning the ceremony and where will the sun be at that time? What you don’t want is half your guests in the sun while the other half are in the shade. I don’t care how good your photographer says they are, the fact is this WILL affect how good the photos will be. Your photographer will have to make a choice to expose one half or the other. Depending on which half they choose, the other half will be either too light or too dark.


My recommendation is choosing a location where everyone is in the shade. The light is softer and you won’t have unflattering shadows on your faces.


I hope this little tip helps. Keep a look out for further tips on my Instagram/Facebook posts or on my website.


June 15, 2018